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A cloud based enterprise resource planning solution for all kind of businesses who want to automate their business processes and strategies for rapid growth.

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Empower your business with flexible, efficient and low cost cloud enterprise solutions.

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Get real-time access to information you need. Analysis the data and take quick decisions.


Embedded RPA, AI and ML capabilities to automate business processes to increase productivity.

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What is  VIDU ERP

VIDU ERP is a cloud based enterprise resource planning solution for all kind of businesses who want to automate their business processes and strategies for rapid growth.

It is a first of its kind of innovation in ERP space which brings the power of widely used open source ERP software odoo and SAP's award winning user experience technology SAPUI5.

Out of the Box Apps 

VIDU ERP  Applications 


Reinvent your manufacturing process from bill of materials, routing, managing, work order planning, scheduling to quality, maintenance and control with VIDU's manufacturing management.

Manufacturing, BOM, Work-order, Planning, Quality Check, Control

Inventory Management

With online warehouse management, you get the power of double-entry inventory management to trace all the movements and stocks. Make quick moves from one store to another.

Inventory, Bar code,  Drop-Shipping, Multi Warehouse, Cross-Docking

Quality Control

Manage the high quality standards with quality control module. Define your process and parameters to record the values. Use analytics to generate reports to take decisions and further processing.

Quality Check, Processes, Manufacturing & Purchase Quality


Bring your accounting to the tip of your thumb. Access the important features like bills, invoices, partner ledger,  budget management,  reports, analytical accounting, tax etc. on your phone.

Invoices, Bills, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Budgeting, Banks, Payments

Asset Management

Know the features like locations, tags, states, warranty and current owner of your organization's assets using assets management tools with easy access on mobile and desktop.

Assets, Depreciation, Life Cycle, Equipment, Repairs,  Accounting 

Human Resources

Modern day HRM is here now with features like employee self-services, employee central,    recruitment,    performance management,  payroll, time-off, attendance and analytics.

Employee Self Services, Personal Data, Contracts, Salary Structures, Payroll


Manage employee time off and vacations online. Using Time Off module employees can plan their leaves in software and get it approved through managers. With mobile access it is easy to create requests and approve or refuse. Get daily reports.

Leave, Half Day, Full Day, On Duty, Approvals, Paid, Unpaid, Custom Rules


Whether you are working from office or home or on field, with Attendance module it is easy to mark your presence. Integrate it with your bio-metric attendance system securely. get attendance reports and analysis on working hours.

Attendance, Check-in, Check-out, Finger-print, Card punch, Integration

Sales & Distribution

It encloses all the information regarding customer and services. In an organization, it deals with selling, shipping and invoicing for payments of goods and services. Get approval rules configured with simple flow.

Quotations, Sales Orders, Up Selling, Invoices, Deliveries, Analytics


Align your front line team of marketing and sales with customer and harness the power of deep customer insights and well organized engagements. Send direct email and messages in one click or automate.

Leads, Opportunity, Activities, Follow-up, Planning, Expenses, Routes, Quotations

Expense Management

Submit your day to day expenses with VIDU's mobile application for quick expense submission. Create one or more entries, send for approval all together. Managers find it easy to approve and view the proofs.

Quick Expense, Mobile, Reports, Payroll Integration, Approval, Accounting Integration

Purchase Management

From tendering and vendor management to RFQ, purchase orders, vendor bills and goods receipt. Manage your procurement process automatically. Get your route defined and auto inventory updates.

Purchase Agreement, RFQ, Purchase Orders, Shipping, Inventory, Vendor Bills, Approval

Project Management

Plan your project activities with its progress and tracking of deadlines, Task management and analytical reporting with VIDU's Project Management tools. View stage vise progress of project tasks and plan accordingly.

Project Management, Tasks, Sub Tasks, Notifications, Timeline, Scrum, Agile

Timesheet Entry

Working on a single project or multiple, track your time with your activities. Book you billing time logs and calculate cost of resources utilized. With VIDU's mobile application it is easy to enter your time sheet from your smart phone.

Time sheet, Hours Booking, Cost Calculation, Reporting, Daily working hours

Website Development

Create product catalogs and sale your products online with highly scalable and customization e-commerce platform to extend your reach to customers. Get additional support on graphic and maintenance services.

Website, E commerce, Product Catalog, Pricing, Discounts, Invoices, Live Chat 


Run highly flexible Point of sale software as a part of standard ERP package for your retails stores. no installation is required. Compatible with all kind of hardware. Running a furniture shop or a restaurant, make transactions easy and fast.

POS, Restaurant, Shop, Showcase, Bills, Inventory, Products

ERP software allows total access to every important process in your business by making data from every department easily accessible to everyone.

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